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About us

ACTO is an Interdisciplinary Research Group with an anchorage in the Faculty of Medicine.

We have transversal partnerships with other structures of the University of Namur like the department of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Law. 

We strongly collaborate with the INAMI, Sick funds, the Pharma industry & Patient associations.

Research thematicsGelules

  • Adherence in clinical trials
  • Adherence in real-life
  • Adherence and reimbursement conditions

Vision & mission

  • To be recognised by the key stakeholders as a centre of excellence in the field of access to care & therapy optimisation.
  • To contribute to improve patient outcome suffering from chronic diseases through identification of barriers to innovative-care, decrease of risk of therapeutic failure, and development of eHealth/mHealth solutions adapted to patients and their proxys.
  • To develop a particular focus on vulnerable people.
  • To develop effective collaborations internally and externally (e.g. Patient associations, INAMI, Academic hospitals, Pharma industry,…)


Jean-Michel Dogné and .